About HPC

Really an odd name for a company right?

In 2017 we changed our name from Marketing Dynamics to Hot Potato Creative. At first I thought how or why would I change our name? People knew us by MDI for over 20 years. Well, I felt the term “marketing” falsely represented us. I thought that our old name was not true to who we are: a quirky, quick turnaround team that is quintessentially a design firm. We create ideas quickly and efficiently. We are not “Marketing Dynamics”, an old 1970’s sounding firm that connotes a more organizational feel verses a creative one. We are not a company that would generate ideas out of research. We are a company that applies a creative approach to the research. Our name change was the first step in truly understanding our identity.

We are a design firm, not a marketing firm. We are a company that loves to generate ideas and then carry them out to fruition. We can stop in our tracks and change direction with an idea. We can generate an original idea. We can embellish a good idea handed off to us by a marketing team. We can take an idea and bring it to life by printing it or producing it with all the elements a campaign needs: TV spots, radio spots, billboards, email, and more.

We understand it helps to work fast and we have an understanding that ideas will go through a lot of hands to form a complete campaign. Like a potato in the game it moves from one set of hands to another.

Who We Are

Alone we can do little, together we can do so much.
We are small, quick, and efficient.

Tom Anson

Tom Anson

President & Owner

This is Tom, he is the Head Potato around here. President and Owner of Hot Potato Creative, Tom helps direct ideas and keep projects on track.

Renée Yearwood

Renée Yearwood

Graphic & Web Designer

This is Renée. Graphic & Web Designer, Renée is extremely open minded with great willingness to continuously explore new creative pathways.

Natalie Wuckert

Natalie Wuckert

Graphic Designer

This is Natalie. Graphic Designer and jiu jitsu enthusiast, Natalie is always ambitiously in the pursuit of knowledge.

Our Work