Welcome to the Hot Potato website


At Hot Potato we want to connect more with you, our client. In doing so, we created a new website where you can check out our latest projects or just stop by to see what goofy things we are up to. We take our work serious, but as a creative group, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. So, visit our print, TV, or radio page to see our latest work, or check the blog on our main page to see what we have to say. We will hope you enjoy the new look for a great new year.

Meet our New Employee


It has been awhile since I have had to do this, but I want to introduce our new employee. Natalie has joined the team to help us to be even more creative. She has already acclimated to our laid back office style, contributing both creatively and analytically. Jessica and I are really happy to be working with her.


p.stache a.k.a TOM

Tom is the owner of Hot Potato Creative. He helps direct ideas and helps to keep projects on track. Sounds like the dynamic character on a popular show, right. Like a prison guard maybe, but really much nicer and with less distracting facial hair. And Tom has no reason to ever use blue plastic gloves or a billy club. Tom uses words of kindness to help direct a project.

alex a.k.a JESSICA

Jessica is a very hard working graphic designer with so much energy that we often have to hide her coffee. She may be energetic but she can be as cool as her character Alex. She too has tats but not a huge rose like Alex. Jessica is fun, funny and really willing to push the boundaries when it comes to creative. Jessica is cooperative when it comes to change, and is fast while also being detail minded. Jessica like Alex takes ownership of what she does  but Jess is far less manipulative. With Jess what you see is what you get. (FYI that is a fake tattoo on her shoulder that took days to remove. She eventually was forced to use goo gone. She moisturized with butter to protect her skin from the burning and the drying effect of goo gone – but who would not use that on her skin.)

Give us a call at 847.571.8634. Ask for Tom!

999 West Main Street, West Dundee, Illinois